ItemPrice Range
2-Piece Suit Premium From$4,100.00
3-Piece Suit Premium From$4,650.00
Sports Jacket Premium From$2,900.00
2-Piece Tuxedo Premium From$4,600.00
3-Piece Tuxedo Premium From$5,200.00
Trousers Premium From$1,100.00
Vest Premium From$600.00
Dress Shirt Premium (minimum order of Two) From Each$239.00
2- Piece Suit Standard From$2,250.00
3- Piece Suit Standard From$2,750.00
2-Piece Tuxedo Standard From$3,100.00
3-Piece Tuxedo Standard From$3,600.00
Jacket Standard From$1,900.00
Trousers Standard From$850.00
Vest Standard From$469.00
Custom Leather Belts Premium : All Types of Skins from $95.00 to $385.00